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About Us


Lounging is a luxury and that is why we created Pinklouds.

Pinklouds looking to dress with more cozy to enjoy their weekend, and found few options. Those we did find were in pretentious and unaffordable shops. Pinklouds set out to change that. The result was a collection of sleepwear, loungewear, underwear, footwear and other accessories for homelife made in classical fabrics with a comfortable fit and timeless style.

Pinklouds is designed for the quiet moments when we slow down and reconnect. We make clothes that transition seamlessly throughout your weekend - Reading the newspaper in bed or in sofa, lazily walking around the house, make a strawberry milkshake in the kitchen, ordering late afternoon room service. We are so connected throughout the day that the greatest luxury isn’t material. It’s the time when we are unplugged and being ourselves.

We're obsessed with pleasing our customers, share our passion, and own our mistakes. If you encounter an issue with one of our products or are displeased in any way, stop by one of our shops, shoot us a note. You're sure to find an individual eager to make things right for you. No lip service, just action.